Projects For Planet Earth

Winery Sustainability Initiatives
Linnaea's future winery upgrade will incorporate a green roof featuring native plants, solar energy, solar storage, fermentation CO2 capture and the composting of biological waste materials.
Bee Friendly Farming & Trees For Bees
There are over 3000 native bee species in Australia and they need our help. Launching in 2021 we will be creating biodiverse habitats on our vineyard floor, perimeters and headlands to invite permanent bee residency.
Created by Linnaea's sister company Eartrumpet Consulting, Padardis™ has been created to save one of the planet's most precious resources - our water.
DaisyYam Seasoning / Fermentaya
Created by Linnaea's sister company Blue Banded Bee Collective, DaisyYam seasoning is all about supporting Australian indigenous food crops. Yam Daisy is our first pick of the bunch.
Some of our other crazy ideas!


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