Michelle Edwards grew up in Washington state and moved to Melbourne in 2010. After completing university degrees in Anthropology, Oenology and Viticulture, she made wines in Napa and Sonoma Valley, Washington State, Australia and Italy. She lives with her husband (Dan), three children and dogs above her urban winery and enjoys all things fermented, dancing, parenting (sometimes), native Australian bees, indigenous Australian plants and foods, and tardigrades.

Dan Fischl is an agricultural scientist and technical vineyard specialist working globally in a few fancy and forward-thinking vineyards in countries as diverse as Australia, the USA, Israel, Mexico, China & Italy. PhD-trained in all things plant biochemistry and way-too-specifically the genomics of ripening in grapevines, his real passion is biological systems and restoring ecological balance to vineyard lands. Dan loves to chase after his three kids, fishing, cooking, Queen (the band, not the actual queen) and innovating algorithms for water conservation in vineyards.

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