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Aromas of rosella, cacao, mocha, candied orange peel, persimmon, aromatic nectar, fresh apricot, cut strawberries, macadamia oil, pepperberry.

Sweet entry with some harmonious tannin and bitterness. Negroni-esque tannin, like drinking the refined elements of the harsh Australian landscape. Complex both on its own or as an adjunct in a cocktail.
unfined, unfiltered, unapologetic

Australian Botanicals:
Wild Rosella 20%
Lemon Aspen 8%
Mountain pepperberry 8%
Toasted Wattle Seed 41%
Mountain Pepper Leaf 8%
Kakadu Plum 15%

Triple distilled from wine via pot still.
Only 24 bottles produced
Drink suggestions:
-Try it neat. Become intimate with some of the flavours of Australia.
-To dress it up: add to any kind of tonic and lime certainly won’t disappoint
-blend with grapefruit soda and a twist
-Negroni inspired with campari and sweet red vermouth
-Ethelred Spritz- Ethel Redblush, prosecco and a splash of mineral water on the rocks with a slice
of orange

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