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2020 Oblio
Cab Franc


The 2020 Oblio is a fruitful collaboration between Cabernet Franc (67%) and Malbec (33%). The showcases of our new future-forward vineyard planting, these two components are each crafted from our favourite clones of these varieties on our favourite rootstock, chosen to handle the intense rocky outcrop at the top of the vineyard. Farming here is a heady concentration of our novel Ag-tech innovations, interwoven eco-friendly biodiversity, precision viticulture, and a focus on mitigating climate change. These industrious, wonderfully balanced grapes saw many weeks of cold soaks, gentle pigeage, native yeast and extended skin contact post-fermentation until they were transferred to mostly-neutral French oak barrels. After secondary fermentation this wine aged undisturbed on its gross lees until just prior to bottling.  Oblio loves and belongs in glasses toasting to new memories and legendary gastronomic moments.

Time will show this wine to be one of the greats of the terrific 2020 vintage. Limited, affordable. Have you tried it yet? You'll be surprised....

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