From time to time our Linnaea family share their personal stories of love lost and love found, all around their experiences with our wines. Today we received a personal recount that made our hearts melt. It’s a tale of happiness, loss, despair, longing, and discovery, with a fabulous ending.

Now that I’ve built this up, here it is, names withheld.

I have received your wine (with many thanks!) but I thought I’d share the reason I ordered your vino in the first place!

This happened many years ago during Christmas 2015, and I’m sorry if I sound a little too nostalgic!

My office had a celebratory Christmas dinner at a restaurant, and as most Christmas parties go, there were heaps of alcohol involved. After several champagnes etc, we were recommended a Cab Sav to go with dinner. We had a few bottles of it because we loved it so much! We even told the waiter about it, and he showed us the bottle of what we were drinking. Being tipsy, and also incredible visual people (because we are architects..), I only remembered the image on the label but not the name. None of us did!

My then-colleague (and one of my closest friends now even though we’ve both moved on to different firms) still talk about this amazing Cab Sav we’ve had at that Christmas party even now, when we meet for drinks – and which we do regularly cos we love wine. The funniest thing is, I’ve probably tried googling your wine for the longest time, and I found it once, I think, when i googled ‘cab sav flower head suit man melbourne’ or something along those lines, but when I saw the address I knew I was never going to go out that way since I can’t drive, and you either didn’t deliver or it was way out of my budget.. But ever since that party, I’ve formed a habit now – that whenever I walk into wine stores and bottle shops I make a point of walking to the cab sav section and looking for the label with a flower-headed suited man. Every time.

Then just the other week, my friend recommended me this new wine bar in South Melbourne and they stocked one of your wines – albeit an Italian one, but I recognised the name Linnaea immediately! And lo and behold, when I visited the website I was so happy to find that you delivered, I ordered two bottles at once!! Now I cannot wait to surprise my friend with a bottle of it on a special occasion, I just know we’d be psyched to taste it together again and see if it lives up to our memory! Although this is a 2016 one, and not the earlier one we must have had.

I can’t wait to try it, and I’ll be sure to let you know when we do. I guess there’s no point to this long-winded email except to tell you how your wine has made such an impact and really made a sweet memory for my friend and I. I hope you continue to do what you do!

Yours Sincerely.

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