With the sad news that one of our favourite written magazines is calling it a day – after just 8 brilliantly-crafted, thoughtfully presented, artistically-laid-out episodes, Alquimie will be relegated to the annals of history.

If you’re into the fascinating corners of the world of drinks, and haven’t yet picked up a copy, get out of the house and go find one. They’ll be a collector’s item one day, or at a minimum the articles and insights will remain relevant for a long time.

Alas, no more.

However sad, it’s not surprising that Alquimie would get caught up in the mass carnage. Digital has exploded.

And yet we are convinced that digital is in no better shape – there is such an amorphous mass of literary and opinion vehicles in the digital ecosphere it’s gridlock and cacophony all at once. I imagine the turnover rate of sites entering, exiting and stagnating must be exponentially higher than we perceive.


As a consumer of online content, what do you think? Where’s the whole media headed? The people must consume others’ thoughts somehow…

Perhaps we need a grassroots campaign to bring this loveliness back

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