Eartrumpet Consulting, Viticultural and Enological Advisors

Distilling Creativity, Science and Innovation to Seamlessly Integrate Value-Driven Ascension into your Winemaking and Grapegrowing Business

Eartrumpet Consulting is an international vineyard and winemaking advising company. We travel the globe providing expertise on agricultural science, technical viticulture, vineyard development, winery functional design, technical winemaking, wine business development and paradigm-shifting innovation to the highest tier of the wine industry. Through global experience, proprietary private research and peer-reviewed science we provide cutting-edge in-depth technical direction and supervision in structuring solutions that are uniquely specific to each region, soil, climate and market position. Drawing critical experience from our broad exposure to numerous unique challenges across the globe, we are internationally-sought to lecture in grapevine physiology, grapevine nutrition and the management of berry chemistry for high quality wines. From a business management perspective we draw on that same global experience to specialise in delivering results to supersede the challenges of the modern markets.

Our current focus is on providing affordable novel constructs of viticulture and enology to combat the effects of climate change into our warming future, on designing, managing and optimising viticultural resources in non-established wine regions, on rewriting the strategies of vineyard creation and management in established regions to outsmart competitors through forward thinking, and on designing modern methodologies in winemaking which explore the new normal in wine styles. We have also recently been engaged to drive viticulture into the digital sphere, creating smart brain systems that provide augmented self-learning decision processes for vineyards based off of our extensive experience in vineyard technical management. All this is driven by hard science, innovation, smart ecology, and sustainability.

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